Listened to the whole of Tom Ravenscroft’s programs for the last 2 weeks. Making some notes for myself about them here.

These were the standouts for me on Fri 18 Jan 2013.

The Black Keys
I'll Be Your Man
The Big Come UP, Alive

Wave Machines
Ill Fit (Three Trapped Tigers Remix)
Ill Fit EP, neapolitan

Serafina Steer
Night Before Mutiny (French)

project mooncircle

Four Hands
USB Islands, Ramp Recordings

This stood out in the guest mix by Kwes.

Losing You
Terrible Records

This is particularly good but I cannot find the version that Tom played anywhere online.

Bomba Estéreo
El Alma y El Cuerpo

The opening tracks were all standouts for me on Fri 27 Jan 2013.

Valerie June
You Can't Be Told
Pushin' Against A Stone

Planet Phrom

Wave Machines
Ill Fit

Good to hear again. And sounding better than ever:

Babes in Toyland
To Mother, Southern Records

This wasn’t so bad and didn’t really sound like a-ha.

The Strokes
One Way Trigger

Haven’t heard this in years and sounded absolutely great.

Sonic Youth

These must be investigated further:

Moon Duo
Ich Werde Sehen
Moon Duo

A Hawk and a Hacksaw
Wedding Theme (ukraine)
you have already gone to the other world, LM Duplication

And this:

Black Pus
1000 years
all of my relations, Thrill jockey