Notes from Tom Ravenscroft prog 1st Feb 2013.

These are excellent:

Sparrow and the Workshop 
Shock Shock
no label

Pascal Pinon 
Fierney (one thing)
morr music

Wild Belle 
Keep You
Sony Music Entertainment UK

Bomba Estéreo 

Really enjoying hearing after all this time:

bubble and scrape, Domino

This is the best thing I’ve heard in ages:

Marnie Stern 
For Ash
no label

This track sounded much better last week than it did last week.

trance farmers 
Purple hay
stones throw

I didn’t get the Tom Capsule right. I didn’t know The Sleepy Jackson’s Good Dancers or spot Chicks on Speed.

This SK cover of MBV is nearly the business.

Shonen Knife 
When you Sleep
Yellow loveless, High fader

Gut (goot) vocal:

Happy Jawbone Family Band 
Fistful of Butter
mexican summer

It’s a monster:

Coco Bryce 
Polaroid Sunset

Must learn more about this label:

Def Dee & Zar 
Zulu Delta, Mello Music

This is an interesting chap:

Larry Achiampong 
more mogya, look mamure

Harmonies on this are growing on me:

Lower Plenty 
strange beast
Fire records

Julian Cope likes them.

In Our Time
Pearl Mystic, Gringo Records, 4