Joel Meyerowitz says in this slideshow clip, “Photography is brilliant at describing and yet not letting you know”.

Then at 5:02 in the clip, he introduces the French expression “Entre chien et loup”, “between the dog and wolf”, meaning “hour of dusk” or “between the known and the unknown”.

According to, “entre chien et loup” is when it is dark enough not to be able to figure out whether you’re looking at a dog or a wolf.

In the slideshow, his comment accompanies a photo of a pool in Floria by the sea, which looks more like it was taken during golden or magic hour.

Now I’m happy at learning a great figure of speech and anxious about the confusion between of magic hour and when it’s nearly dark.

Wikipedia talks about twilight and blue hour.

But this page separates between golden hour and blue hour and I think I’ll settle for that. And for “entre chien et loup” as corresponding to blue hour: l’heure bleu.